Friday, December 21, 2007


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In the very few times that I have dabbled in videography, I ended up making experimental music videos of sorts. It was an excuse to teach myself basic editing so I chose a few songs that I thought worked well with the visual story that I was telling. It made me realize how intimately you get to know a piece of music and how much more you appreciate the special moments in a song when you see them marry a particular visual sequence that you are fond of. Some of the songs that I used during my autodidact editing moments were Love As Laughter's Miss Direction and Yo La Tango's You Can Have It All and I have become so accustomed to hearing these songs back to back that I decided to start this week's show with them.

Speaking of the fine art of mixing audio and visual components ...last year while David Lynch was on tour to promote his book Catching The Big Fish and his latest movie INLAND EMPIRE, he would have local musicians perform at each one of his Q&A's. When we were in Los Angeles at the Kodak Theater someone asked him if there were any musicians that he was particularly fond of. He mentioned the New York based Au Revoir Simone whom had accompanied him at his book reading at Barnes & Noble New York.
At that time I had never heard them, but I have since become quite fond of the pretty songs that these three ladies belt out ...well, to be accurate they do less belting and more sweet and swoonful singing, and I am not complaining.

Au Revoir Simone (picture left by Kevin Abosch) has not only gained the attention and praise of David Lynch, they have been invited to tour with some of the reigning Indie honeys of our day such as Air, Peter Bjorn & John and Voxtrot, although I don't think the notoriety will change these girl's ability to be so damn cute. The last time I saw Annie Hart, Heather D'Angelo and Erika Forster was in the middle of their worldwide tour that seemed to be going on forever and yet they still managed to be upbeat, adorable and capable of carrying on a conversation all night long. Heck, even their Sad Song is about the least sad sounding song that I have ever heard.

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