Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bill Wolford -Saint of Sound!

WOWEE ZOWEE! I just noticed that it was exactly one year ago yesterday that Eden's Hour aired for the first time. What I haven't mentioned much online is my secret weapon. I'm a technically challenged person and I could NEVER DO THIS BY MYSELF. Obviously, but since I am not a musician myself I know nothing about all the audio equipment and doohickeys that are necessary to make a radio show happen.

In comes my hero! The unsuspecting and oh-so-generous Bill Wolford!!!

Bill and I actually met via the DLF Myspace. His wife had contacted me because she was curious about what the David Lynch Foundation's in-school meditation programs were and we later met through the West Seattle Art Walk where Bill's band Oval League would often play. To fill the void that my skill set lacked, Bill unwittingly agreed to record my shows and believe me, he really did not know what he was getting himself into when he agreed to work with me... Of course, neither did I and I probably would have given up long ago if Bill were not helping me with this show.

Lucky for me, Bill has persisted, even when we were both scratching our heads wondering why the heck we were doing this when we both live pretty full lives with very little free time and we don't make any money doing radio.

And not only has he consistently recorded the shows that we do in Seattle, he traveled with me to the middle of nowhere Fairfield, Iowa (yet oddly the center of seemingly everything and strangely & coincidentally where some of Bill's family lives). In Fairfield, we did a live broadcast from the third annual David Lynch Weekend. (Bill pictured left with Donovan during the sound check)

In recent months we have been focusing more on featuring live performances highlighting the local flavor of Seattle area musicians which has been lots of fun and brought some amazing talent into his West Seattle studio, Vivid Sound.

One thing that I love is that when we bring in a super special talented artist like Karl Blau or Polka Dot Dot ...or any of them featured in this blog, is that I have complete trust in Bill knowing we're in good audio hands. He always gets a beautiful recording because he knows his stuff!

And he's mine and you can't have him!!!! Okay, kidding. He's not mine and even though I want him to continue being there for me forever and ever ...well, as long as I am doing radio anyway ;-) I also think he's too talented for me to keep all to myself even though we have loads of good stuff lined up for 2009! If you ever have a song or story that needs recording, or need a soundscape for a video game, or a musician to play a gig in the Seattle area, or a score written for a movie HIRE BILL WOLFORD.


Seriously. Good. Stuff.

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ala said...

Erin, I wish I could say something as eloquently as you just have, and
what you wrote means a lot to me, but I know I wouldn't have kept doing the shows if I hadn't seen the professionalism and passion that you have for the music and everything else that you do.
I figure, this has got to be leading to great things and even if it doesn't, it's a lot of fun working with you and doing the shows.
So thanks!! And if your reading this tune into a show sometime and listen.