Friday, December 5, 2008

The Solvents on Eden's Hour

It was a special treat for me last week when I got to feature my hometown homies, The Solvents! The Solvents crossed Puget Sound waters from Port Townsend to bring their refreshing folk pop sound to Eden's Hour Radio. Combining Jarrod Bramson's lyrics and vocals with Emily Madden's bad ass fiddle playing and harmonies, the Solvents have evolved their individual musical backgrounds to make one beautiful band. It's a little after the fact, since the show already aired on (and re-aired on BUT it was a really good performance and interview which will be archived to the KRUU website soon.

Also coming soon is the Solvents' latest album, which their friend and co-producer, the magnificent Karl Blau, has temporarily (and maybe permanently) branded Madonnica. With Karl working with them and a title like that KNOW it's gonna be good.

The Solvents' start their west coast winter tour this weekend so if you're in California, be sure to check their page for details and visit their blog for the behind the scenes stories.

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