Monday, November 10, 2008

Eden's Hour YES! 11/08/08

Wild spirits winds from out your chest
Collides with world and wilderness
It needs a gentle hand to call it home
~TV On The Radio Halfway Home

I don't know about you all, but I'm still reeling from a pretty exciting week. Spontaneously celebrating an historic (and hugely relieving) victory on Capitol Hill this past week with about 4000 other people was a recipe for a night that I will never forget. While I don't think that any one person holds the answer to all of our problems and that we have a long road ahead of us because we each do our part in improving the world by improving ourselves. But it sure is nice when we can all get so excited over the possibility that we now feel real change is in the air and you could call me a believer.

Ironically, I was not in the group when the ginormous street party busted out in a a sing-a-long to Journey's Don't Stop Believing, because I had taken a brief sojourn up the street to see some do-good friends from LA who were performing at Chop Suey. Having recently signed to Island Records, The 88 have acquired a bit more of a budget than they have had in the past which probably means they will no longer be crashing at my place when they tour through town. However, it doesn't mean they've gotten their ties wound around their necks too tightly. I have pretty good faith that The 88 will keep their heads on pretty straight as I've gotten to know them a little bit over the past few years and I have been nothing but impressed with their ability to stick it to the record-label-driven-music-industry-man. Yes, they are on a major label now, but they did quite well for themselves when they were completely independent and landed many spots in prime time TV shows, commercials and probably more Sarah Jessica Parker movies than I care to admit that I have seen (but only because their music was in them ;)

the 88 for eden's hour blog

Instead of getting glossy and overly high tech with their new found record label budget, The 88 decided to do their part in bringing hope in hard economic times to their home town where they were once named the Best Band In LA. Spin Magazine featured the new video for their song Coming Home in which they spend the money from their music video budget on others, treating them to ice cream and gas.

I love these guys. And I'm glad that even though I happened to miss the few minutes of the Obama victory celebration that turned into a major dance party, I was dancing and (loudly) singing along to The 88's Coming Home.

Over the next few weeks I'll be playing Coming Home and other songs from their latest Babyface produced album, Not Only ...But Also, out on Island Records.

Click HERE for the complete playlist for 11/08/08

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