Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Eden's Hour 2/23/08

Fredo Viola, pictured right, sent me some of his latest recordings, one of which is adorned with a Lion sporting some serious flare in the form of a rainbow-esque mane and I was pleasantly surprised to find the pot of gold that laid behind the catchy and colorful cd covers.

A London born New Yorker, Fredo Viola's skills are well trained and his music traverses through a wide ranges of political, soulful and whimsical styles and they are all gorgeous. After several rounds of listening to his cds and not being able to settle on a favorite I decided to play his song Red States on this week's show, but I could have chosen any of his songs and been equally as happy and look forward to sharing many more of his songs with KRUU listeners.

While I didn't realize it at first, I had heard some of Viola's music before. One of his songs was used in Jonathan Damme's 2004 film The Manchurian Candidate, a movie that I loved so much that I had to go out and buy the original version with Angela Lansbury and Frank Sinatra. Yeah, I'm a sucker for Ol' Blue Eyes.

Speaking of shifty eyes ...do yourself a favor and visit Viola's new website. There you will not only find wonderfully rainbow-clad artwork by Richard Colman, you will discover multiple golden treasures.... and there are sneaky guardians galore who's sly glances will point you in the direction of hidden doors which will open to let you in on their secrets.

After Bill and I wrapped up in the studio we headed out for some live action and to witness a little bit of musical history! That's right, it was the highly anticipated unveiling of the Jason Webley and Amanda Palmer (of Dresden Dolls fame) produced band Evelyn Evelyn!!! I have been a fan of the act, comprised of conjoined twins Evelyn & Evelyn, since hearing them via Jason's Myspace page and was stoked to hear that they were maybe going to appear that night.

Fortunately for us, the girls decided to grace us with their presence and geez I love them. They were really shy at first since it was their debut performance, but with songs like Elephant Elephant and lyrics profusing their desire to be loved as individuals and declaring their need for "my space", AND faces as nervous and cute as the ones below ...what's not to love?

stroke the picture above for more twin treats

I will probably have more to share about the venue that Evelyn Evelyn performed in soon. Even though 608 is a small venue, it proves that size does not mean inability to deliver great shows with big acts. 608 is an artist's space which has seen many incarnations and is currently being run by members of recently relocated band Estradasphere. I didn't know it Saturday night, but a good friend of mine was scheduled to play there the next night so less than 24 hours later I returned to see him perform with Secret Chiefs 3, which is also comprised of members of Estradasphere. Welcome to Seattle Estradasphere. You sure do know how to make an entrance.

Click HERE for the complete playlist for 2/23/08

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