Wednesday, March 12, 2008

EDEN'S HOUR 03/08/08

Hilarity ensued in the station this week ...I'm not sure what it was, but Bill and I got a little kooky. It started as soon as we got on the microphones. Thank gosh that while the songs are playing nobody has to listen to us!

But what really threw us over the edge was Benett's playful quest to find heaven. Now I can't hear "Way To Heaven" without cracking up. Thanks Benett. If I pee my pants next time I listen to you owe me new panties!

On a slightly more serious but equally as blissful note, I ended today's show with a Donovan song in honor of our next big adventure ... Lynch Weekend 2008!!!

This is our third year of doing this fantastic weekend long splurge into Consciousness Based Education. Last year I got to spend a lot of time with and getting to know Donovan and his muse and wife Linda ...they are the cutest. And they are doing fantastic work along with David Lynch to bring Consciousness Based Education to schools around the world.

David, Donovan and some of the David Lynch Foundation crew went on an extensive tour through Europe last fall. Sadly, I did not go with them ...of course when they got home I got a call saying "you should have come with us time!" ..sigh. Because I did not get a chance to write about the tour from first hand experience, I asked Donovan to write a little something about their time in Europe and he just sent me his tale of the trip. Stay tuned to the DLF page because I will posting his stories and some great photos soon!

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scott said...

enjoyed the show... thanks for playing our song - the balloon toss champions of the world