Monday, December 8, 2008

PWRFL Power In Studio 12/20/08

Whether it's theorizing about the impact that apples vs. tomatoes would have if thrown at you, pimping car insurance, or wanting to school you in the ways of holding chopsticks ...PWRFL Power delivers adorable and sometimes just plain kooky lyrics accompanied by his mad guitar skills. Having recently moved to Brooklyn from Seattle I was stoked to get a chance to have a sit down interview with Kazutaka Nomura while he was here playing some shows this past week. A huge thanks to Hollow Earth Radio's DJ Dearborn (below w/ Kaz) for recording this show at the last minute :)

on Eden's Hour
Saturday, Dec. 20 (note the date change)
7pm Pacific Time

In the meantime, seize this opportunity -THIS WEEK ONLY!
You have a window to have Kaz write a song JUST FOR YOU! As part of The Stranger's annual Strangercrombie fundraising auction (the proceed's from which will support Seattle's Treehouse organization for abused and neglected children) you can bid on having PWRFL Power write a song about whatever you want. He will work with you to compose the song or you can just give him a theme to your liking. It will undoubtedly be a fun an very unique prize and I know you'll enjoy working with sweet-natured Kaz!
Auction ends Dec. 12th at 5pm -BID HERE

Also included in the PWRFL Power show are a couple new tunes from two of my most favorite Seattle to Broooklyn transplants, David and Earl of Oars. PWRFL Power recently played with them at the Cake Shop in NYC and coincidentally it was on their Myspace page that I first found PWRFL Power. The duo was once part of a Beep Repaired classic, Wimbledon, whom to this day makes my heart flutter. And for reals ...I don't know who those fools on their Myspace fan profile are who claim to be Wimbledon's biggest fan, because I AM WIMBLEDON'S BIGGEST FAN! Straight up.

David Bratton and Earl Muehlenbach of Oars

I've always loved Earl's voice whether it's in Wimbledon, his crazy dance music moniker Plenty Face or this new found love of mine Oars whom just came out with their first CD which you can and (IMHO) should buy HERE. This CD however adds a whole other element with richer vocal harmonies and off the chart instrumentals and electronic samples. It beautifully showcase their maturing fountainhead of creativity that is blossoming into a blend of pop that mines gold from a variety of musical genres yet they have forged a new futuristic sound all their own. David and Earl do not disappoint in keeping up with their multi-layered, quirky, energizing and absolutely rockin' styles and although we miss them dearly here in the Seattle DIY scene, New York has done good on these boys.

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