Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eden's Hour learns its ABC's

show pic swan

I took a little trip into the musical territories of bands such as Apples in Stereo, Beirut, and a few songs from the hypnotic folk/punk trio the Cave Singers whom I saw perform live right after the show. Yippee!

All the songs that I played this week ended up in alphabetical order. It was more of a technical glitch than a revealing display of OCD but I wouldn't have had it any other way. Amidst the bands listed above was Morning's Window, one of the many fine songs from Cock and Swan (Johnny and Ola of Cock and Swan pictured) who's pretty songs will melt the most callus of hearts. I also played a simple yet incredibly addictive track that often find myself humming when I wake up in the morning; Marrakesh, by Tennessee boy Spencer Thomson.

Click HERE for the complete playlist for this show originally aired on 1/26/08

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