Friday, February 13, 2015

Coolzey - A Renaissance Man After My Heart

Coolzey (w/ me above) and Belly Belt both albums out this month. Each contributed in their own special ways to the other's projects.

They are my Valentine's Day couple mega crush. Naturally I also have a crush on all the Coolzey's Coolsay collaborators: Soce the Elemental WizardSchaffer the Darklord, and Schaffer's sidekick magician Nelson Lugo.

Coolzey's talents cover a broad scope. He's one of the few people I know who can seamlessly weave between genres so convincingly and without a hitch. In one of his shows you will feel like you've just seen at least 5 different bands each play a couple great songs. He raps, rocks, croons, and can even slay AC/DC's Back In Black in a manner that Brian Johnson would be damned proud of. I was lucky to witness this feat last weekend at our friend's birthday party where I'd been overly ambitious in adding Back In Black to the playlist in hopes of popping my karaoke cherry. Fortunately Coolzey stepped in and if I had closed my eyes I would have thought Angus Young was standing next to him thrashing his head, it was THAT good! has a great writeup on Coolzey's album Coolsay which was released Feb 3rd and as of now can be purchased on Bandcamp for a mere $7!

You can also listen to the whole album below. Track #3 Sleight of Hand is some hot s**t!!!!! There's even a Doug Henning reference in it... which you KNOW I love!


Coolzey - Put Me Away from Public School Records on Vimeo.

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