Saturday, February 16, 2008

Eden's Hour Saturday February 16, 2008 9pm CST

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original pic by Tara Gorman

It's no secret.... I like the Cave Singers. A lot. I played some of their songs on Eden's Hour a couple weeks back, the same evening that I went to go see them live at Neumos. At the time my only knowledge of the band was that they play great old time sounding folk/punk music. I love the lead vocalist and although I can never understand any of their lyrics, everything about them is sweet ...oh, and I also love the guitar playing in their songs and it doesn't hurt that their guitar player is ridiculously cute. To my pleasant surprise I briefly met Derek, their guitar player, by chance recently and afterwards curiosity got the best of me.

I went home and jumped on the internet to figure out how this new mysterious band that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, at least in my radar, managed to get themselves signed to Matador records. Apparently I am always the last to know these things.

It didn't take too long to figure out that the Cave Singers are comprised of former members of Murder City Devils and Pretty Girls Make Graves. Both bands that I also like and have played on my radio show before, but I never saw either of them live because I was not living in Seattle when they were together.

Coincidentally, when I found all this out, I had already put together this week's playlist which included Pretty Girls Make Graves ...and a few other bands that have sent me cd's recently. Bands whom I think are good stuff! Bands like Astral Navigations from the UK who's song A Kleptomaniac Stole My Heart was included in this week's show.

Click HERE for the complete playlist for 02/16/08

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