Monday, March 24, 2008

EDEN'S HOUR 03/22/08

Patty Duke's legacy inhabits the hearts of teenagers young and old. This week we featured some music from the collection of Patty Duke fans who's devotion cannot be rivaled. Top Quality Rock and Roll, out of Detroit, has published several written Fanzines dedicated to all things Patty past and present. I played a few tracks from PDFZ #6: LOVE TO PATTY including a cover of Donovan's song Colours by Los Angeles based the Ettes and a dreamy All Through The Day by Asobi Seksu (pictured).

And thanks to Torbor, I learned a valuable lesson that will never be forgotten. Flaccid and Flatulence are NOT to be confused. Consider yourself learned.

Click HERE for the complete playlist for 03/22/08


clay said...

woo-hoo...kick out tha jams!

Eden's Hour said...

Hey Clay, I've been meaning to update the info for this show... it did not air on March 22nd as it was supposed to because there were technical difficulties at the station. It will be on next Saturday April 5th at 9pm CDT

clay said...

was wondering why i couldnt find tha sounds..woo-hoo x2!?