Friday, January 18, 2008


Pic by Kimberly Wright

"I guess I got whacked hard in the mystery department when I was little. I found the world completely and totally fascinating then - it was like a dream."

~David Lynch

The fascinating and dream like way in which David Lynch sees the world has been infused into his unique body of creative work during his 62 prolific years. With David Lynch's birthday coming up this Sunday I decided it was the perfect time to play some songs from a compilation cd that I put together a couple years ago as a birthday present for David.

This particular project started when Ryan Walsh of Boston bands the Stairs, Hallelujah the Hills and the Motel Candlewasters sent me the Candlewaster's song Whacked Pretty Hard in the Mystery Department which was directly inspired by the quote at the top of this blog. The following week Josh Lambert of The Octopus Project mentioned to me that they had named their latest song Bees Bein Strugglin' after David's short film Out Yonder on

Once I asked for a few more songs from people... the ball really got rolling and after a few short days an entire cd was born.To my pleasant surprise Talkshow Boy has whipped up some incredibly zany Twin Peaks inspired IDM. And who would have thought that mariachi, surf music and David Lynch could blend together so beatifully? Well, Gringo Motel, that's who.

BRILLIANCE: A collection of songs and art inspired by the creative genius of David Lynch is loaded with amazingly talented musicians. I am particularly excited to to share some of it on KRUU, because it's a fun and wildly eclectic mix of songs. Since only three copies were made, very few people have heard it in its entirety ...including the 48 contributing bands. There were so many songs in fact, that I cannot play the entire cd in one show so stay tuned for a sequel show. Pic and cd cover design (above right) by Steven Lapcevic

Click HERE for the complete playlist for the 1/19/08 show

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