Monday, November 10, 2008

The Dolomites in Seattle 11/15

It's been a while since I've updated the blog here, that's not to say that nothing's been happening. Quite the contrary. We had a BLAST when Stefanko from the Dolomites played in Seattle mid November. He and his sister (pictured left) stayed with me so I got to see every set that he performed that weekend including his DJ set at Free Sheep Foundation and the concerts at the Josephine and Free Sheep. I haven't danced so much in ages.

Since Stefanko is currently living in Tokyo, he toured North America by himself hitting up New York City (where he onced lived and played with a ton of artists including Gogol Bordello), Mexico City and Seattle completing his triangle shaped trip. At each stop he played with local musicians. Seattle's accompanying band included Olie Eshleman (guitar), Cerebral Cortez (drums) and Jerry Neufeld-Kaiser of Orkestar Zirkonium (tuba). They brought the house down!

DJ Dearborn and I did a live broadcast of the Josephine show on Hollow Earth Radio. Between sets I got a chance to interview Jason Webley, Stefanko and I spoke briefly with Josephine booker Malaki Stahl about the thriving DIY scene in Seattle and you can hear part of that interview on DJ Dearborn's Myspace page.

*In the meantime you can hear snippets of the interview with Malaki and watch some of the Dolomites concert footage on DJ Dearborn's Myspace profile.

Yatto Yatta is Japanese for "Hooray, at last!"

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