Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eden's Hour -Chris Jordan Feature

It was only hours after I returned to Seattle that I was on my way to do another Eden's Hour Radio interview with celebrated environmental artist Chris Jordan (Interview aired on 04/25). Chris Jordan has been featured in galleries, museums and science centers around the world. One of his more recognizable series, Running The Numbers I, focused solely on American consumerism, but the impact and significance of his work is relevant to every person in every country as his photo series boldly display statistics illustrating the impact that we have on our environment, both collectively and individually.

One piece from his latest series, Running The Numbers II is Shark Teeth, a 64x94" photoshopped work based on a watercolor painting by Sarah Waller. The photo is comprised of 270,000 shark teeth (see detail below) representing the estimated number of sharks killed around the world each day for their fins.

Whether it's documenting the amounts of garbage that is amassed in a given period of time or displaying sociological issues, Chris' work takes a no holds barred look at difficult concepts to grasp and makes them tangible for each viewer. Check out his website for a detailed look at his incredible body of work.

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