Friday, January 11, 2008


show pic nuns
original pic by Tara Gorman

Germany was an unintentional sub-theme in this weeks electrifying show. I played several German bands including Olaf Boqwist, trip-hop duo NeoQi, and Berlin based, French-born electro-pop cuties, the Underwires (and I am not talking about the annoying piece of lingerie that jabs into your sides).The Underwires are twin brothers Aurélien and Théophile (pictured at right) and their friend Arnaud. They sent me their latest cd In Your Room Again which consists of cleverly crafted songs that I could say hints at pop and yet in my mind it settles somewhere in the imagination of a renegade whose whiskey laden thoughts flow out in the form a perfectly pretty and seducing album. They have been getting a lot of radio play in France and although they only have two other US stations listed as having played them, I think that will soon change.

Click HERE for the complete playlist

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