Sunday, March 15, 2009

Eden's Hour Dreams of Caterpillars 03/14/09

There is a box which sits on the counter at my office and in that box is the latest batch of CDs that have been mailed to Eden's Hour. It has been awaiting my ears for some time now, but I finally had a chance to dig through it this week and in the process I uncovered a couple nifty gems. One was Via Katalin by The Grams.

Another song that I played tonight was Caterpillar Dreams from a CD by Minotaure which I listened to months ago then promptly hung it on my bulletin board because it was so colorful. And of course sound doesn't come out of CDs when they're hanging on the wall so I had completely forgotten what the music sounded like until yesterday. Caterpillar Dreams has a very whimsical, bird-like quality that kinda takes you on an imaginary journey through a Central American rainforest. In addition to the music, he also has a vast collection of paintings and drawings and video projects posted to his blog, like the Baby Ghost Teeth video below. Check em out ...and if you happen to have a cat or two in the room, play Circular Joy really loud. They'll love it ;-)

Baby Ghost Teeth from Minotaure on Vimeo

Click HERE for the complete playlist for 03/14/09

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