Sunday, August 22, 2010

Life's Too Short - An Understated Understatement

Recently while holed up with the flu I got a chance to... do absolutely nothing. It was kind of magnificent looking back upon it, even though I was miserable at the time. I did however use my bed-ridden glory days to watch a few classics streaming on Netflix including John Waters' Hairspray and Cry Baby. Of course I really wanted to watch Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble but neither can be viewed instantly.

While in my half-sleep sickly stupor I suppose it didn't really matter what I watched because I was likely to fall doze out during the movie anyway. And I almost did while watching Hairspray... that was until I heard the minimalist yet soulful song that shot me out of bed to find out more about the song that was pulling at my heart strings:

Some bands carry performing decades beyond their expiration date while others disappear into oblivion far too soon. The Lafayettes seem to be one of those that would've done good on the world if they'd stuck around a little longer, but I've had a hard time finding much about them online except for some of the videos like the one above (read: lazy blogger in a hot sauna-like room trying to wrap up this post so she can go for a swim). The instrumentals are beautifully underplayed and the vocals are brilliant.

They kind of remind me of the Animals' Eric Burdon and his raspy, but incredibly sexy delivery in his understated delivery in House of the Rising Sun, a classic in my book which still holds strong even though I've recently come across this video which kind of shattered the dark mysterious air this song has held in my imagination for years. But I also find it incredibly entertaining:

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